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January 6, 2010

A very late Christmas update.

Just a quickie post here. It's about time I cleared up this handmade Christmas present wait don't you think. By the way, I loved the Cheese and Machete guesses... Classic!
Well, seeing as how our youngest little "Mountaineer" is 12 and our oldest 14 I figured I've run the course on handmade wooden toys, cool as they may be. So this year, I broke out the heavy artillery!
Knives!! Real ones, full tang, cold steel tempered (best I could), shaped and sharped by hand.The boys loved em!
I've made one of the sheaths as well. I have the leather for the other two, but need to finish them. Anyone interested in the process before I get started on them? I'd have no problem taking a few pics and sharing. The leather work is easy enough and the process could be used for a lot of things.
This picture gives a better look close in at the blade. I engraved the initial with the help of a dremel tool. Looking closely you can still see some of the tooling marks and scratches. I think they give it the handmade look though so they're staying!

Guess what I got from A~ and her brother? They pitched in and gave me this lifetime quality safety razor and a package of refills. No more plastic in the land fills for me!! Yeah...Sustainable personal hygiene!!A~'s brother is really knowledgeable about them and recommended this one to her for me as a good quality starter set-up. Maybe one day I can pass it down to my kids. Funny isn't it? You never think in terms of durability any more. Oh, and guys, the shave is very nice. I haven't cut myself yet, which I'm told is a hazard when you first start with these, but I love the lavender soap that G~ (the brother in law) got me. Smells great and shaves very well!

And my sweet wife and awesome kids got me this baby to "take the garden to the next level"!This summer I will officially become a local weather station for my own record. The garden journal will be all the more detailed for it.Needless to say, I have lots of new experiments in mind for that baby!! Bwah ha ha... can't you just hear my evil laugh now?

More to come soon.
Till then!

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Damn The Broccoli said...

I would certainly be interested in knowing how you made them and they look ace. It would be a very practical skill to have I would think.