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September 8, 2010

Going to Mother Earths Fair

Hi all! Just thought I'd drop you all all a little news bulletin about some big "outta town" type news.

I don't know how many out there read Mother Earth News, either online or in print, but you may recall that I also do some freelance writing for their sister (Or would it be brother??? ) magazine GRIT as well as posting an occasional blog post on their web site. Anyway, Mother's decided to host a "Fair" with "dozens of practical, hands-on demonstrations and workshops" and I'll be heading out to take part.

I should qualify that statement of course, I will be taking part as a spectator and enthusiastic participant, not as a demonstrator or anything. I foresee having a wonderful time though.

The only downside to it is that I'll be making the trip by myself. I wish I could bring the whole family, but on this one we agree that I'd be better off on my own. With the potential of over 100 (And I believe I've even heard of up to 180)demonstrations and two days of Sustainable farming and garden geekery to be had, I tend to get pretty into what I'm doing.

I look forward to getting some great new info that I can share with you all of course, and meeting lots of new people interested in the same things as I am.

If your in the Central PA area, or are close enough to get there, The Fair will be the weekend of Sept 25-26 at the Seven Springs Resort.

That's about it for now... Take care.


VPS Hosting said...

Nice work done !

meemsnyc said...

This sounds like an awesome fair to be at!

Damn The Broccoli said...

Dead jealous that we don't have anything like this over here in the UK. I would love to come and grab experts and sit them down and ask questions until they are frankly scared of me.

It's so hard to drag a lot of info out of the internet and there are so few people around these days with the knowledge I need that I find it deeply frustrating.

Look forward to any snippets you post.

Brandy E. said...

Thanks so much for getting the word out about the Fair. Can't wait to meet you out there!

Brandy, brand manager for MOTHER EARTH NEWS and GRIT

Sandy said...

I'm a long-time subscriber to the magazine and love it. Have a great time at the fair.