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April 8, 2012

Moved... barely..

It's amazing how much stuff, even when we felt that we'd downsized quite a bit, that we still had.
It seemed like every load we took to our apartment storage area we proclaimed that the next load would be the last. The smaller the items got that we needed to move, the longer it took, but we finally made it. we've managed to squeeze a 2800 square foot house, 3 car garage and a shed into a 2 bedroom apartment with a 14 by 27 foot storage garage.
As for my immediate gardening future, it's all contained on our small patio.

There's raspberries and artichokes saved from our last home... White seedless and red concord grape cuttings from a good friends house that we hope to get started this year... and of course my lemon and olive trees. That's all I have to work with so far this year.
I've been doing a lot of thinking about the new place... trying to think of all the great ideas I have that I'd like to do...
As soon as I can get a internet connection set back up. (I'm posting from a relatives house btw.) I'll be on here and we can all brainstorm as to how it should be put to best use! Get your ideas ready...
Not a lot more to say for now. More than anything I just wanted to share, say hi and make a record of the present for posterity.
Happy Easter!
Talk more soon.


Wendy said...

Wow! So much "new." I'm saddened that your neighbors' reaction to your efforts made you feel forced to leave your home, but it seems to have worked out better than if you had stayed where you were. I'm excited to follow the next phase of your homesteading adventure :).

Heather said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving Syracuse, but it does look like your future is brighter at your new place. More room for your gardening passion. Cheers to you for having dealt with your neighbor injustices with such poise and dignity. And shame on them for being so darn mean.
I was first drawn to your website by the fact you lived in Syracuse because I have ancestral ties there. But gardening is my passion too and I appreciate your efforts with your ideas and plans and for your sharing them. Good Luck in your new place!
Heather S.
Box Elder County Ut