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May 9, 2012

Update on remodel

Well, I figure it's about time for an update...

We closed on our new home, I like to call it our new ”farm” but since we're not really living there, nor growing anything there it's kind of premature I suppose. Anyway, we closed on it on the 25th of April, and started the process of gutting and remodeling the inside on the 30th. It's been one week since and we've made great progress!

The two main areas that we needed to focus on were the kitchen and the downstairs living area. The kitchen because it was just out of date (and had a horrendous clear acrylic with gravel inlaid countertop) and we needed/wanted more room. The downstairs living area because there had been some moisture damage, the walls were covered with circa 1969 wood paneling, and because the flow of the space was not very good in general.

To this point, all the tearing out has been completed and everything going forward is construction. I'll have to post more details as we go, but here are a couple of pre and post tear out photos.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your new place! After living the past 25 years in a home we built, my husband and I recently moved to an old house with a bigger yard. It's been an exciting journey so far with remodeling (wood paneling was everywhere), creating a larger garden and finally getting chickens! ~Janis

Chris said...

Well done. Looking forward to seeing more.

You may not have had time to do this, but I left a comment on your last post about permaculture, but it hasn't shown up. Maybe it's awaiting moderation?

No rush if it's just a matter of "no time", but if it's a technical glitch, I just thought I'd let you know. :)