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April 19, 2013

Old Garage Recycle

We have some serious structure building on the farm that will need to get done over the summer and that means lots of wood and building materials. So what's a couple of frugal types to do?? Look online to the local free classifieds and see what kind of building materials are available of course!

As luck would have it a local family is preparing to tear down this old garage and are giving away any of the wood we could take. We focused on the siding which turned out to be tongue in groove 2-6's that will be used

It took a little time to get the rhythm, but we pulled a big pile of good wood from the outside. This was just the start.

We also were able to salvage a few good pieces of plywood, some rain gutters and flashing. All of which will go to use in helping us build a solid and permanent poultry coop. One that we can house the birds in over winters and while they're not on pasture. More to come as we put it all to use!


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