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July 1, 2009

June 21st - 30th (Update II)

The flowers are doing great this year as well. I snapped a couple this week and thought I'd share.These are daisies that we were given by a neighbor. They are VERY prolific!
Honey suckle is going crazy both in the front yard and the back too. I've spotted tons of bees, dragon flies and even a couple of humming birds on this stuff so far.

This is a patch of self sown Sunflowers that we've let have their way, too a point, in this part of the yard. I have tomatoes vining their way around between them as well. It's an experiment in permaculture and poly culture gardening.

We let a bunch of other hybrid sunflower varieties go to seed last year too and this year have an interesting mix of what they decided to come up as this year. They are not type true from last year, but are very fun to watch develop.
This one (above) is already nearly 7 feet tall. The fence that you can barely see stretching off at the bottom of the picture is a 6 foot one! This was from seed that I shook off the heads of our sunflowers from last year.

The picture above and the next two as well show the different phases of what were called "teddy bear" sunflowers last year. They're supposed to be short. 30ish inches. These are 5-6 foot!

And this funky little guy came from the same seed, but is totally different. Short and with a different flower type. Must be the other half of the equation??!

Hope you like. Remember, nature is the best gardener of all. Sometimes we have to step aside just a little and see what she's got in store for us.

All the best.

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog, found you by way of tinyfarmblog. I love the idea of using such a small space to grow your own food. Have you read "The Education of an Urban Farmer" or "On Good Land"? I've heard they're good reads for what else, the urban farmer! They're next on my list.

About the honeysuckle, I wanted to let you know that you may have the Japanese Honeysuckle which is so invasive in many areas. The native honeysuckle does not smell but is quite striking. I have to say I was stunned when the native grew over 12' in one season.
Just thought you might want to check it out. Thanks for the fun blog.