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June 30, 2009

June 21st - 30th (update I)

Well, The weeks been a busy one. I was home from work the entire week of the 22-26th sick. I had flu and pneumonia symptoms and so didn't get too much done. At least on my own. I managed to help A~ get some stuff done, but I have to give it up to her for holding down the farm and keeping things going.

The thing is, regardless of the fact that our home and garden isn't truly "A Farm", because of the level of activities that we have going on here, there are times when things just need to be done. Sick or not. I did what I could, helped her out and did some chores during the days, but mostly I have to give her credit for a lot of this weeks updates. There will be three of them so settle in. This post is dedicated to the garden harvests from this last week.Peas came on really hard the last couple of weeks and this week we managed to put up the first stores of the year into the cold storage. This is a picture of our first case of peas. Total we put up two cases of them. We've had fresh peas too of course, but this should give us enough to have a can every two weeks until next year. That's an odd way to think of it but it's kind of the way that we're starting to look at stuff more and more.Strawberries are hot this week too. This strainer weighed in at 8 lbs and I picked another a couple days later that was just sightly larger. (This was about as long as I could stand to be upright during the day. I measured my vertical moments in harvest quantities...yeah, I'm a gardener.)The early red potatoes that we planted on St. Patrick's day have grown nicely but, I think, because of our very wet spring and the fact that these potatoes are at the down hill side of our patch, these potatoes have been beginning to die and showing signs of blight.We decided, since these were planted to have an early harvest young potatoes, we would go ahead and curtail the spread of blight by harvesting them. We harvested just shy of 19 lbs. ( to give an idea, it filled a five gallon bucket 3/4 full.)Tonight also brought us our first tomato. It's an Early Girl tomato that I bought as a large start specifically for this purpose. Early tomatoes. There's a bunch not too far behind. In the next couple of weeks I should start seeing them regularly.The Kohlrabi has done very well too. We brought in a good second harvest last week as well.Things to come will include this Casaba melon that's starting to set fruits. I think I've only had one once, but I'm really looking forward to them! June has proven to be a great month for us. This time last year, we totalled just over 30 lbs of food harvested. So far for 2009 we're at 168 lbs as of tonight! Over 5 times as much!! Whoo hoo.

More to come...

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, 168 lbs your our hero!! We have only harvested about 28 lbs so far from our Utah garden but that is a big improvement for us.
Thanks for a great blog you have really inspired us to work harder and grow more of our own food.