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June 10, 2009

Catching up

What a spring!
It's been so wet this spring, I have never seen it like this. In the last week for instance, we've had rain on at least three of the last seven days. I honestly have to say that I've loved every minute of it! Our grass is green, the spring veggies are doing great and our decorative landscaping... well, let me just say that sitting on the porch with my sweetheart and a glass of iced tea with the pungeant smell of honeysuckle wafting through the air is pure delight.

Speaking of the garden, It's been a while since I gave you a peek at the potato garden. It's been doing great the last couple of months. I thought the old guy at the local nursary was a bit daft when he told us to plant them on St. Patrick's day but lo and behold...BAM...Potatoes!
For some odd reason A~ and I are both really excited about this patch. Of course we're happy for all of the garden, but we've loved watching this area develop. In the next week or two we'll be starting to pull small new potatoes from them and enjoying them thoroughly.

Oh yeah, and the flowers are so cool looking. Kind of a psychedelic tomato blossom huh? Of course they are related so I guess that's to be expected.A~ and I have been much better this year at making sure that we've kept up with our garden journal too. It's been really fun looking back at all of our notes from last year. In fact, we went through the 2009 log tonight and added up everything we've harvested so far and came up with 48.22 lbs. So then we could check with last years log and see where we were this time last year. only 4.34 lbs. We're already over 16 lbs past the total for the end of June last year. Yeah!!

So, needless to say, all the hard work this spring has really been paying off. Now, if I can get the weather to cooperate, I should be starting greenhouse work pretty soon. Well, not until I wrap up the rest of my honey-do list that is. The rain's been buying me some time though.

Hope everything is great with you all. May your gardens grow and harvests abound!


Anonymous said...

Those spuds ARE looking really good. Ours got a bit stunned by a really bad frost a couple weeks ago but they're coming back like gang busters. We've been having a really wet, and surprisingly cool spring as well. Good to see you back to blogging. :)

Kory said...

st patricks day? really? what zone are you?

congrats on the poundage, I hit my first 1 whole pound (of course this is all from lettuce and radishes and such.

spuds look great!

BP said...

Great Garden. I planted 6 tomato plants like I do every year. This winter was warm and wet. Un-like all the other years I had tomatoes come up from the seeds of last years crop.I now have about 30 tomato plants. Good luck with the garden.
Better Panic

Irma said...

Here in Atlantic Canada, all the way of the other side of the continent from you, we are also feeling this wet late spring/early summer. Normally I just shrug it off, but for the first time, the amount of rain and the number of overcast days has me scared for my potatoes.

But my "Paul Peas" seem okay! They are growing vigourously, twining around anything in their path...I planted a second sowing yesterday and have high hopes for them, as well.

My overall harvest to date is NOTHING....but again, remember that I am Zone 5 in Canada.