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June 21, 2009

June 11th - 20th 2009 (part II)

This last week brought us another good harvest or two from the backyard garden. The cool weather has been a boon to all of the cool weather plants that we put in the ground early this year. Broccoli has been doing great, the peas have yielded very well and here is a picture of our first harvest of Kale from this Spring.That's one regular bushel basket and one double sized one. The total for this harvest was just over 11 lbs and also gave us the opportunity to put up our first produce of the year for later.
We also decided to take a peek under one of our slower producing potato plants too. We just couldn't wait any more... we had to know if we were getting taters or not.Yep, we were.
It only weighed in at a little more than a half pound but they're new potatoes so really your hoping for tenderness and sweetness more than bulk.While it's not a big bumper crop yet or anything, we figured that the fact that this was from our least healthy looking plant and we still got some from it means that the big bushy and very healthy plants should yield much better.

I mentioned that it's been raining like the dickens here. Well, here's the view out the back door on our first day of Summer.Pretty much says it all doesn't it?

It was a good week last week all things considered. Springs over and we've officially entered the summer season. Though the weather hasn't seemed to have gotten the memo yet. How's things in your necks of the woods? How are your harvests coming? Anyone else out there decide to weigh-in for 2009? How goes it?

All the best to you till next time.


livinginalocalzone said...

I wish the rain would stop! The lettuces/greens that didn't bolt in that one hot week 6 weeks ago are now thriving, but the berries and eggplant are suffering. I hope the summer warms up and dries out! Your potato harvest - I love the tiny one-bite potatoes.

Rosengeranium said...

Congrats on the taters! I having a bucket indoors I expect will give me five to ten of them - Amandine, a lovely fast growing variety.

Good Mom said...

Boy those potatoes look good... we had a bunch of cold days and we are just getting warm weather... the pumpkins are loving the heat... can't wait to read your next update!

Robbyn said...

Paul, I've been catching up on a lot of your posts and your gardens look wonderful! Congratulations on each harvest, no matter how big or small...your produce is gorgeous! I liked what you wrote about the ladybug infestation, too, and that you took the time to see what was really going on in that little microclimate before yanking things up. We have an erratic work schedule and it's affected our gardening consistency. The end result is that we've been noting which things are hardy enough to survive US...ha...and also have a chance to see what insects are going to town and different plants that act as hosts for which ones. I think even a lifetime of observation would still require time for learning these things more and more :) Our inadvertent "hands-off" approach (read neglect)has resulted in some lessons we may not have learned...interesting! Thanks for the lead about the borers. We're adjusting not only to growing things for the first time, but also learning what seasons they do best in regarding the life cycle of certain insects. Gotta love that trial and error :) congratulations on your beautiful bounty for all your and your wife's investments of hard work and planning...it's fun, isnt it?? :) I think Jack and I are happier than we've ever been, since beginning this together with all the growing things


julia said...

I noticed in your picture through the window that your yard looks gorgeous! Is that the area that you put all that compost on? I think it worked!
I think it is really great how starting this blog seems to have opened so many doors for you, and jump started your life into a whole new world. If you don't have as much time to blog anymore it is apparently because your world has become so incredibly full of so many new ways to be helpful, useful and informitive to people trying to learn how to do what you are doing. Congratulations!