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February 18, 2010

For the love of "Scratch"

I've been meaning to put this post up for a week but just haven't had the time to crop photos and make the post. I just can't let my wife go un-heralded though. She starting working this year, and has been recognized for all the talents that I knew she had which has led to more demand for her at work. The best part is that she's working with me (in a way) so I get to hear all about how great she is to which I look at people and say " Um, yeah?!! I know!".

Yet even with that, and a shoulder that is still giving her pains from our car accident a few months back, she continues to bless us with such good food... and so often from scratch!

Like these cheese rolls:
They're a big time family favorite. How could you not love homemade bread wrapped around a tasty cheesy middle? And if you glaze the top with salted butter it leaves the golden brown color with a just a hint of saltiness. MMMmmm MMMmmm good!

They're great with a bowl of homemade chili too.And I can't say enough how nice it is to make chili that just screams from flavor because its made with canned tomatoes and tomato sauce from your own homegrown tomatoes, fresh onions from the cold storage and green chili's that we picked from a local farm and canned ourselves. If you haven't had the pleasure of fresh food from ripe ingredients you have not lived!

For dessert we feasted on a brand new recipe for scratch made yellow cake made bright yellow of course with the dark golden yolks of our back yard chickens eggs.A~ found a new way to make the chocolate frosting that is the creamiest and tastiest that we've had.

It's one thing to talk about eating from the storage cabinet and survival food has it's place, but honestly, the best gift gained from building the habit of growing and putting up your own food and learning the ways of preparing it on a regular basis is really just in the enjoying of your labors and the flavors that they bring.

Hmm, I think I'm getting hungry again just talking about it. Life is good. Some days better than others, but days like this are among the best!
Best to you all.


Damn The Broccoli said...

I've such big plans this year for so many things.
We also found a CSA farm locally as well which is cheap and supplements my own growing.

There is nothing nicer than the harvest from your own garden though. Knowing only two hands have touched the produce from start to finish, or maybe four or six if my daughter and partner get involved also adds something to the taste.

I struggle now to comprehend how everything ended up in little plastic bags.

I am looking forward to my own eggs the most. Work starts on the coop next month so we can get some stock in and settled before next winter.

Sandy said...

Since I work full time, I tend to be a weekend cook, meaning doing the more complicated fun cooking on the weekend. And I absolutely love cake from scratch. Everything looks great. You are one lucky man, not that you didn't know that already.

Eva said...

That chocolate cake looks so delicious!! As do the cheese rolls. =)

Your neighbors are able to grow lemongrass there? That is amazing! I planted ours and thought it was dead... that was over a year ago and it's going crazy! Good luck to you!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

That's a great looking cake. I wouldn't mind a slice!

Since you are using backyard eggs, would you like to enter this post in our Grow Your Own roundup this month? Full Details at


Aussiemade said...

What great cake and rolls. the one upside as we head into winter down here, is the thought of chillis, stews, soups and lots of breads baked at home. (at least I hope so)
I too am taking delight in using our own eggs. Our girls 4 are laying 2-3 eggs a day. I intend to freeze some for use in winter so that we can have cake and omlettes.