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February 25, 2010

A word on consideration

A~ had her shoulder surgery today. She has a very hard time with medications, particularly narcodic ones. We try not to take drugs here other than the occasional ibuprophren or Acetomeniphen for the standard aches and pains so she's very sensitive to them. She came through the surgery alright, they found a bone spur, scarring and tissue inflamation and her joint was "loose" and they "tightened" it (don't ask... it's kinda gross.). The hardest part was waking and being able to eat/drink. She made it and I love her for how she pushed through it in her own time.

I have to ask as a result of today though, "What has happened to consideration?" I can understand the other patience in a room being a little loud or loopy, they're on God knows what kind of drugs. But while A~ tried to deal with nausea and falling in and out of sleep, she was jerked awake more than once, or thrice for that matter, by loud laughter and talking. And I'm not just being sensitive because it was my sweetheart. It was ridiculous. People talk and laughed behind the curtains like they were in their own rooms! And here's the kicker; the nurses and doctors were the loudest. I know all about where one doctor likes to vacation with his family down in southern Utah, and where another nurse used to live on the east side of the valley. Oh yes, and let us not overlook the nurse who felt the need to sing happy birthday to some other nurse over the PA system! Yep, that was one of the times A~ jerked awake and looked at me like I'd just shaken her bed.

I'm sorry to have to subject you all to this rant but honestly, I just had to get it off my chest. I'm so tired of the prevalence of inconsiderate people! It's a sad commentary... isn't it? Or am I just a whiner who's over reacting? Are people more and more inconsiderate of others around them or is it just me? Maybe I'm just out of the loop because I don't use a cell phone normally so I'm not used to thinking I'm always in a "private" conversation. Who knows?

In the end, I just thank the lord my wife is well, I pray she heals quickly and I thank you for letting me vent!

Peace all...


dovh49 said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have private health care? I mean no more government, no more health insurance or anything like that getting in the way of patient doctor relationships?

I honestly believe the care of our hospitals would be much better and we wouldn't hear nearly as many stories like this anymore. Not to be political but give me a break, if the health care was more patient doctor oriented we would have much better care!

Hope your wife feels better soon!

Damn The Broccoli said...

The loss of consideration is one of the biggest problems facing humanity. It has built the walls and fences that divide us, it is the screw you I'm okay attitude.

Unfortunately this attitude will not go a long way to helping should the oil run out or the power go off.

The single most likely cause of our extinction will be due to the lack of consideration of others.

If you watch out for everyone in every way you can, then the world will become simply a better place.

That aside, glad A is okay and doing well. Presumably back home she has all the consideration she needs.

Eva said...

I'm glad she came out of surgery okay, and hopefully she'll heal quickly!

Purrfect Haven said...

don't question your feelings on this.. what a dreadful thing to put you and your dear one through, are people thick? or what? or is this compassion fatigue thing... if the doctors/nurses are doing it too... they are just thickened to real people. get her home in due course and do your own loving thing. Good luck. Helen [www.happinesskindled.blogspot.com]

Shannon said...

I'm glad she came through it okay. I think there is a definite lack of consideration these days - definitely a decline since I was getting my first jobs at 16 and 17 and learning that the "customer is always right" and "customer service comes first", values which no longer seem to exist in many venues...

Aussiemade said...

I used to tell my patients and friends/family that you do not come into hospital to get rest. You come in and get out asap so that you can rest at home. They are noisy places. I used to do nights in general. I do feel for patients who need rest.