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December 24, 2010

Winter veggies.

These are some carrots and beets that I just harvested from the garden for christmas dinner. It really is possible to keep your carrots, beets and many of the other root vegetables in the ground well into the winter.
I hope your Christmas dinner is as wonderful as I'm looking forward to ours being.
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meemsnyc said...

Oh wow, I can't believe you harvested that now! Congrats!

Mary said...

That's great! Do you cover the soil to insulate them from the cold or did you just leave them as is?

Moonwaves said...

Happy christmas - hope you've enjoying a break after all your hard work studying. I may join the ranks of the smart-phoners sometime for similar reasons to yours but not for a while yet I think. All the best for a fantastic 2011.

Aviad said...

They really look good and fresh Paul! Must have been delicious ;-)

P~ said...

I wish I could say that I really did some brilliant thing to help them stay fresh, but maybe the best part is that I really didn't. I just left the leaves of the plants to fall naturally over the roots and thay was all.
I do have to add the caviat that we have had a unusually warm winter, but the ground has frozen a couple of times and there was no notable difference in the quality of the veggies. The beets were roasted and served with some oil and vinegar and the carrots were sauteed with butter, cider and a little brown sugar and were great!
BTW moonwaves, I love it!

Damn The Broccoli said...

Hey Paul,
good to see you back and posting, hope this year is better for you!

The only problem I forsee with this is being able to get them out of the frozen ground! Most roots are at least biennial so staying good in the ground is the natural order for them. It's the taking them out and sticking them in the fridge that is wrong...

Look forward to reading more of your exploits this year.

P~ said...

hey brocc.
good to hear from you. I agree, wrong to put then in the fridge. these went right to the roaster and onto the dinner table. They were meant to stay in all winter, but we had an unseasonably warm early winter so I was able to pull them. everything is frozen in now though. I look forward to posting more as well, glad you hung in there!

Wandering Jew Plant said...

I never left mine in the ground for that long, but looks like they did well.