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January 2, 2011

Still bottling

Late last spring I started with a little bit of SCOBY that I had started from a small piece of culture that had grown in a commercial bottle that a friend had given me.
That was the beginning of the kombucha start that I've had growing since. its grown into quite a "member" off the family, right up there with our sourdough start.
I've even had to separate it a couple of times.
It's not a drink that I find to be to many peoples taste, but my boys and I love it, especially when we make it with a little bit of grape juice like this batch was. Some batches have more fizz than others but it's always tasty.
Anyone else experimenting with kombucha? If so, what's your favorite way to make it?
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meemsnyc said...

Oooh, it looks pretty amazing.

Robbyn said...

Hey Paul, thanks for stopping in at my very neglected blog! I had no idea you were in an accident last year...my bad!...I just don't get the fun of making the rounds of the good blogs as much any more. Now I need to reserve time to read back through your archives...yeesh! We used to make kombucha regularly until the spring in which the temps inside our house were cold enough to kill it off (ick), and I never restarted it yet. We did just plain black tea and water, but I think the O'Melays did green tea and then bottled it up at a certain stage to let it sit in the fridge a couple more weeks and theirs turned out almost like champagne. It IS pretty wonderful stuff any way you like it :) We did the perpetual brew method where we had a jar with a spigot and drained off some periodically for drinking and just replaced the amount with equal amounts of fresh sugar tea plus a tsp of vinegar. Never had a problem with the SCOBY getting icky, and the kombucha gets really powerful that way. When I neglected it, it would just turn more vinegary and I'd simply refresh with a bit more sweet tea, pouring off some of the overly strong stuff first. When it did go bad, you could tell it...mold. And it all got thrown out then and I'll restart it someday...Jack hopes that'll be soon :)

Mary said...

I have never done this before but I am hoping to start my own this month. I am too cheap to buy a SCOBY however, so I will be trying to make one from a bottle of store-bought kombucha.

If it works, I am very interested to try making my own ginger kombucha, as I rather like the flavor of ginger and I bet it would be good. Maybe ginger orange?

It's probably too soon to speculate since I havent' started yet... :)

Aim said...

What the heck is kombucha?! I've never heard of that or SCOBY either! I just found my way over from the Grit-blogs....Is that drink simply carbonated or is it fermented too? Looks interested, I love DIY projects!