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March 1, 2011

Collecting Globe Artichoke Seeds

I made an interesting observation this weekend past, let me take a minute to share it with you.

Last year we grew globe artichokes in our backyard garden and they were a great success. The plants that we grew were holdovers from the year prior which had been purchased at a local greenhouse. At the end of last season I decided to leave a couple of the artichokes blossoms to complete their life-cycle. mostly just because my wife and I love the electric blue punk rock looking spiked flower that develops.Those flowers eventually grew dry and brittle and died off as the rest of the plant went dormant for the winter. This weekend I cleaned up that garden bed and collected those last blossoms.
I imagined that, based on the shape and appearance of the final blossom, the spiky pieces (the choke) of the flower head that had dried might contain the tiny seeds of new artichoke plants; similar to a dandelion. I was partially right.
As I peeled back the layers of dried petals and choke, hoping to find small seeds connected to the ends of the choke strands, I did... sort of. What I found much to my surprise were actual seeds, and not even the dainty little dandelionesque seeds I had expected, but sunflower seed sized real seeds tucked right in there amidst the choke. Who knew? Well I assume someone did, but not I. The garden never ceases to amaze me. Just letting Mother nature do her thing so often results in little wonders.

So now what? Will they grow? I would assume that they will, and you know I will certainly try, but I don't know if they will produce true to type. It will definitely be a fun experiment to watch though. I'll make sure to keep you informed.
Have any of you ever grown artichokes from seed? Ever grown them from seed that you kept from your own plants? I'm always open to learn from your experiences.
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Lynda said...

I grow artichokes by seed...it's easy...just plant them. Also..birds love the seed.

meemsnyc said...

That is so cool that you were able to collect seeds from the artichoke. Totally awesome!

Andrew said...

I have done both. Collected the seeds and grown them. The chokes grew true to type in my case. Sadly though, after three years of returning plants, they did not return last year. I have to plant new again this year.

I will be starting my own seedlings from saved seeds. Two years before flowers though.

Anonymous said...


statii radio said...

Looks great. I never grew artichoke before, but I know it’s not that difficult, just like Lynda says.

happyskunk said...

Awesome! I think I'm going to try and cross Violetta Di Chioggia with Imperial Star. This year I will try to grow the Violetta Di Chioggia and overwinter it with lots of mulch. Next year I will start the Imperial Star inside in January and hopefully they will both flower next year. In 2014 I hope to have seeds for some new artichoke varieties. My first attempt at them though so I'm sure something could go wrong.