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March 15, 2012

Moving day...

Monday became Moving day for our little ladies.
After planning to move them originally on Saturday, two days from now, and then learning that it is scheduled to rain, we bumped up the move. No better time than the present. I figured that since most of the girls had recently molted and had a flush of new feathers, I figured that this would be a good time to clip the wings on then, since they may be loosely penned and allowed more room to free range at their new home. So out they came, clipped and ready to go and were loaded into a metal pen that I keep around for "things like this", and then we had to drag out the chicken tractor and load it into the new owners truck. I got a bit lucky here because, while I had not measured it previously, the coop was 48 inches wide and coincidentally my gate opening was... 48 inches wide! phew... it fit. Only after taking the wheels off, but it fit none the less.The drive wasn't far, but it was pretty slow. didn't want to have any problems after all.
So, now our girls are at their new home. I haven't heard of any problems, so I'm guessing that things are going alright. I'll probably check in on them this weekend... wouldn't want to just hve them think I didn't care after all.
I was glad to see the new families little kids come running out excited as could be to get to see the "Chickens chickens!!!" I hope they enjoy them as much as we have.
Maybe later this year they'll come home to a new farm?
Till next time!


Angelika Bertrand said...

How did you go about changing your cities oriances.I have 0.25 acerage back jard. Live in Clearfield would love to raise free range chicken which I would hold in a good sized dog run .i already own.Could you give me some ideas?Thanks

P~ said...

I have to say first of all that I had a unique bit of luck in that there was already at least one councilman that was up for the idea and that gave me and the others who were interested in changing this ordinance a fighting chance.
I think the first things to do are to network with other people on your area that are also interested changing the ordinance. There Is power in numbers, even if you can find people that don't want to keep hens, but feel it should be legal. Establish what you think the ordinance should reflect, and why. Syracuse has a very good ordinance set up, you may even be able to contact a Syracuse city councilman to get a positive written opinion on the ordinances success to show your city.
That's a good place to start. I think the most important thing is to be well prepared when you go in. you may be fighting ignorance, and that takes a lot of work.
Good luck!