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March 18, 2012

Uggghhh... My back!

Another weekend of packing and lugging things around in the books. I'm ready to move already... even if it IS just to a crappy little apartment. Hmmm.... wait a minute, that crappy little apartment has a hot tub... thinking this may not be so bad after all.

I managed to get my "Lifetime" plastic shed taken apart (Linked but not affiliated at all. They are just a local company that manufactures good products and hires good local people!) and stowed ready to bring to a generous friends house that will be willing to store it for me until we have a new home. It was actually surprisingly easy. With the help of a few teenage boys that happen to owe me free labor thanks to a life's worth of free food and lodging, I lifted the roof off in one piece and was able to tear the rest down by myself... even with wind!After moving things around and packing all morning and afternoon, I was able to head over to a friends parents house to take some cuttings of some 50+ year old grape vine stock before they started budding for the spring. Right now, at least in my neck of the woods is the perfect time to do this.
These vines were grown for 30 some odd years in the nearby town on a Church owned farm. When that farm was being taken down some 25 years ago, the members of the church were offered the opportunity to take the vines if they wanted to. My friends parents did, and they have been doing well in their backyard ever since. My buddy made a point of making sure I knew these vines did so well because they had once been "Gods vines". Either way, I ate a bunch of the green seedless table grapes this fall, and canned cases of qt's of juice from them and they certainly taste phenomenal! We're hoping that where ever we end up in this move that we'll have space to set up a true vineyard. We've wanted one forever. These cuttings will go a long way to helping with that. I'll cover the cutting and planting of these dormant buds for you in a future post, but it's not really a hard thing.

Speaking of future homesteads.... Tomorrow is D-Day for us on a property that we're REALLY interested in. By D-Day I mean, of course, Decision Day. We have placed an offer on a home and Tomorrow we will know what they think of our offer. Wish us well!

Best to you all, and may I say... I'm really glad to be back... I missed ya!


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that you're back!!! Although I don't comment, I have read every post and truly missed your writing. I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me!

P~ said...

Thank you Janis... I'm glad to know that I've been missed and so happy to be back! Much much more to come! I hope you will take time more often to leave some comments for me. The interaction is a big part of what motivates me to write in the first place.