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November 14, 2012

Great new Geoff Lawton Video

Let me just take a minute to share with you a link to an amazing new Permaculture video that Permaculture Guru Geoff Lawton has made available just recently.

Geoff Lawton, if you're not familiar with him is a truly inspirational permaculture figure that in my book ranks right up there with Mollison and Holmgren. His work in greening the desert was nothing short of amazing. Search for it on YouTube.. really.. it's a miracle garden.

If you've been checking in for the permculture updates, take a detour and watch this video. You'll be anxiously waiting for the next installment I have no doubt.


Edie Veronin said...

we watched the Geoff Lawton video and were impressed. One thing it made me realize was that a permaculture farm/ food-forest (or whatever you want to call it) may look like a mess, wild and unkempt, but it's meant to be that way. looking forward to his next installment.

P~ said...

I totally agree. I think that the "messy" quality of the food forests is probably the hardest part of this method for people to wrap their heads around too. Being in essentially the arid southwest, Utah is the second driest state in the Nation, I don't think a food forest in the same way as Geoff has them is possible but the ideas remain true and I'll be exploring similar methodologies and implenting some variant of them on my own property.
Thanks for your input!