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July 21, 2011

Imprelis lawn herbicide WARNING

Hi all,
Sorry I've been so "off the grid" as of late. I've been working hard both in the garden and out of it. I received a Warning Notification today from my friends at Mother Earth news and wanted to make sure to pass it on as soon as possible.
Following is an excerpt from the letter that I received from them:


We at Mother Earth News want to let you and A Posse Ad Esse readers know about yet another dangerous discovery for gardens and lawns: Imprelis herbicide in treated grass clippings. This new herbicide from DuPont is designed for use on cool-season grass, but its effects have been seen in the garden and on trees throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. (We hope it doesn’t make its way out to Utah, but just in case…)

Here’s what we know:
• DuPont warns that grass clippings from lawns treated with Imprelis should not be used for mulch or composting.
• Conifer trees near lawns treated with Imprelis, especially Norway spruce and white pines, have shown signs of damage after Imprelis was used. Signs include brown and curled growth.
• Damage has been reported in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Indiana, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Delaware.
• Applicators are supposed to inform residents and property owners of the dangers this herbicide poses and warn them not to use clippings for mulch or compost.
• DuPont recently sent a letter asking applicators to spray well away from the root zone of trees and shrubs and to make sure no drift or runoff could impact those ornamentals.

If you suspect that your trees or garden plants have damage from Imprelis, please get them tested through your local Extension service. They may also have tips to minimize damage.


I hope none of you have had any problems with this product... I suspect many of you are organic or at least are proactive in knowing what you are putting on your lawns. Either way, it's good to get the information out there.

Thanks for stopping by... Stay tuned early next month for some new NEWS and a fun new project I have to share with you.

Till then. Happy Gardening!!