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July 3, 2012

The chaos that is our happy home

Well, as best as I can manage, I thought it was about time for an update.

Since last post, we have mostly gutted our basement and kitchen areas, have at least partially rebuilt the kitchen and have managed to move into the new house. Because half the house is not yet finished, that half of our stuff is piled basically on top of all of our other stuff. This lends to a general aire of chaos around the place. In addition to this, part of the house that is not yet finished is the kitchen, which makes it kind of hard to put all of your pots, pans and food away, so now add those items on top of the other stuff, you know so you can get to them easier, and you have a good idea of our living room decor. Of course I say this somewhat tongue in cheek, but quite honestly, it's not really an exaggeration. On the upside, tomorrow I will have completed half the counter top, and will have running water in the kitchen so that will make it immenently easier to cook and wash up which will do wonders for both our morale and our diets which have consisted of waaay to much eating out for the last month.

I have to take a moment to praise my two younger sons who have been the very best of sports about everything since we moved in. Did I mention that we have no A/C or swamp cooler? Yep, we've been pushing through the heat wave with just fans and passive cooling. There are a few miserable hours of the day, but overall we're getting by. I'll go more into how that's possible when I have more time and can more easily upload photos (I'm still updating via cell phone), but suffice it to say that the house was well built.

Despite all the trials so far, we all are very happy with our new home so far. Our neighbors are very nice and are happy to have new neighbors since the house had been vacant for nearly 18 months. One has a couple of old tractors and it looks like he's going to let be buy one from him for a good price.

It's the things like this evening, when I had driven the truck into the back field to unload a shed with the boys, then afterwards we just sat on the tailgate drinking some water, watched the sunset and talked about how this will always be our view.
Things are good... Chaotic yes, but good. Besides I was getting a little bored with everything being basically done....
Ha! You won't hear that complaint for along time to come.
Till next time...