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June 11, 2007

Sunrise and torn up tee's

I ride along, golden light bleeding over the ridge.

Cold air passes like a cool spring breeze,
In my ears a melody, in my chest a fire.
a beautiful accident delivered me here; I'm glad.

So in my fog that is waking up, I got ready, hopped on the bike and peddled off to work. As I'm riding along down the road I am struck by the gorgeous sunrise coming over the Wasatch Mountians. The sky was golden, and the clouds glowed. It was truely magical. Last week the bad weather that we had forced me back into my car and I have to say I hated it. Not the driving necessarily, as much as the waiting, and the impatient people. I saw at least twice people cutting one another off and cussing back and forth. I got stuck at three consecutive lights for two and three changes. Were I on my bike I could have leisurely blown right by. I may not get there any faster, but it will certainly would have been a more peaceful trip. But as I was saying, I head off to work this morning in my usual fog, and don't realize until I've gotten to work that I am an hour earlier than normal. I must've screwed up the alarm last night when I went to bed, and got up at 5:00 rather than 6:00 (No small miracle in and of itself I assure you.) So as a reward for my inept clock handling skills and foggy morning haze, I was shown a beautiful sunrise. I wish I could honestly say that I would try to continue getting up that early; I'd get to see all the sunrises and would get off work an hour earlier. But that just isn't going to happen. Really it's not. But it was a pleasant surprise.

I decided to continue one of my practices from last week with a little help from a neighbor of mine. He gave me a "Box o' Rags" which is basically just a bunch of old recyled T-shirt scraps in a box. I grabbed a bunch last night and packed them to bring in so that I can always keep one in my pocket for hand drying and such. I liked using a hand towel last week, and now that I know how many paper towels we actually go through in a week since I kept them all in a separate bag for composting, they are ruined for me. Not to say that I won't grab one here or there, but I don't do it without looking for something else.

Sunday was composting day around the house. I took a bunch of pics of my process and equipment. I'll be working on getting those imported later today so watch for that update.

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