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June 1, 2007

Low Impact Week

Today begins Low Impact week. I posted my goals some time ago and although I haven’t gotten everything set the way that I had hoped to, I feel as ready as ever. I have been able to ride to work and back at least 3 times so I know I can do it. I’ve already started to cut down on the television watching. (Just for the record, I will still watch a movie with my family this week if we decide to but not by myself; I don’t think it is right to isolate from my family in order to reduce my impact). I have actually started to turn off water while brushing and shaving, and have begun to use the organic cleaners that I mentioned.
I think that my biggest difficulties will be with unplugging the appliances and eating locally. My garden has not yet begun to yield much more than a little spinach and some strawberries and rhubarb and I wasn't able to get the appliances set up for easy access to the plugs. I'll do my best though.

I will blog over the next week about my experiences with all of this and I hope to hear from any of you that are participating as well. I’ve noticed that the list of participants has grown quite a bit over at Crunchy Chicken.
Have fun everyone.

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Phelan said...

I wish you luck.