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November 24, 2007


What a great Thanksgiving! We spent out Thursday giving, and our Friday thanking and eating! We cooked a beautiful turkey, and of course all the appropriate trimmings. I'm going to pass on my secret turkey cooking technique now. Stuff under the skin. I make a slightly wetter than normal stuffing, slide my hand between the breast and the skin, and fill the resulting space with the stuffing. 8 yrs ago, when my wife and I were having our first thanksgiving dinner we decided that we wanted to come up with a recipe for turkey that we could make a tradition, this was what we came up with and we have loved it ever since. This is my one real contribution to the thanksgiving feast, I am the turkeymeister!

A~ set a beautiful table for us as you can see. She makes all the holidays special for us with her decorating and enthusiasm.

As for our actual Thanksgiving day, this is where we spent it. This is the Marshall White community center in Ogden UT. It's the nearest center of it's kind to us, and it's where we have gone for thanksgiving to help out and serve a meal every other year.

We had an opportunity to experience a different perspective this year. It happened while we were off the active serving line, and were helping some of the elderly or disabled to get their meals. A~ looked up and poked me to draw my attention to someone in the line. It was our old neighbors. As I said before, We began to do this little bit of service as a sort of thanks of our own for our blessings and after having come through a particularly rough period in our life together. It was strange to see someone that had been in so similar a place as us at one point, obviously worse off. She was with her kids, and after she seemed to notice us there, she looked down and didn't seem to want to be seen. We respected this, and continued as though nothing had changed. It stuck with me though, and made my thanks the next day even greater.

I'm glad to hear that everyone had a good thanksgiving, I hope we can all try to keep the spirit of thanks in our hearts much longer than just the weekend.


Sunil Goswami said...

Hi P~,
Thanks for your visit to my blog. I found your blog when I was searching for thought of the day, and just kept on reading since then. Some of the posts like making yogurt don't interest me that much but then things like your depression and recovery fascinate me. So it all works out. Keep it up and hope you visit me again. :)


Theresa said...

My husband and I also recently volunteered at a shelter to help serve meals - it was one of the most humbling experiences we've ever had, and one that certainly heightened our gratitude for having a roof over our heads and food on the table.

P~ said...

Theresa, Glad to hear about it! IT really does give you a different level of appreciation doesn't it? I hope you'll continue to stop by and leave a comment or two.

Theresa said...

It sure does! We live in a booming economy here and all it seems to have done is increased the gap between the rich and poor -there are more people needing meals than ever! That is just not right.

We're helping out again at the shelter, along with some other members of our Tai Chi club next month.

I'm sure I will be by again - lots of interesting stuff here!