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December 6, 2008

Backyard Chicken readers.

Hey there! Glad you stopped by. I just noticed that a local friend of mine has been vying for the position of advertising manager and had unsolicitedly plugging my blog over on the Backyard chickens forum. Thanks Scooby!!

Just thought I'd take a quick second tonight to say hi, welcome you and invite you to search around. There's quite a bit of hennery going on around here. Perhaps more to come soon...(teasing..)

I'll be writing agin later this weekend. If you've got anything your curious about let me know.


Jason & Jackie said...

I love your blog its so informative on life not just one subject and so many people have basic questions I know you have answered or would love to find the answer to. I hope you don't mind me sending more people your way I love that you show people no matter the size of your yard or the money you have you can grow your own food and cook your own compost and its not as difficult as people want to think it is. Thanks for all your information!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting really tired of all the naysayers with their opinions the minute I say I want to get chickens. Everything from "they're so much work!" to "they're pests", you name it. These people claim to have had experience with chickens, and since I have none I'm considered a naive city girl without a clue. It's nice to come to your blog, and those of others who have chickens, and see how rewarding it can all be. Thanks for "keepin' it real", lol.

Sandy said...


Don't listen to them. Chickens are not difficult and you can totally do it!


P~ said...

Thank you so much Jackie! I don't mind at all, in fact I appreciate it a lot. It truly honors me that people feel postive about what I write or share and want to share it with others.

r.a.~ Don't listen to the peanut gallery! I find it best much of the time to just do what I want without letting people know I'm gonna do it. It keeps them from worrying that I've lost my mind, and let's me move forward without all of their negativity impacting my goals. Very best of luck to you, Oh yeah and did anyone mention that you get to make your own luck!!
Sadge~ couldn't have said it better....longer and blabberier, but not better:-)

info said...

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