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December 21, 2008

This and That

Ever been so busy that you don't know if you'll have time to finish anything, and yet when you try to talk (read blog) about it, you really don't have much to say. Well that's me lately.

I spent most of this weekend in the garage working on finishing up the gifts for my boys and also managed to get one built for A~. We decided this year that we wouldn't buy anything for each other but instead would go all home made as far as the two of us. I have to say, I did really good and I think she'll be really happy Christmas morning when she opens it and finds the....well, she does read this blog everyday, I'll have to wait until the 26th to tell you about it.

While I was out checking the chickens yesterday I saw this beautifully delicate little frost-lace on a piece of glass and ran in to take a picture of it.
Life is about stopping to enjoy the miracles after all... what better way that a fleeting piece of natural beauty right?

This little guy (sorry for the blurry photo) was perched on our porch on Friday evening when I got home from work. No too sure he was getting the beauty of it all, but he's more than welcome to keep hiding out on our covered porch as long as he'd like.
A~'s been busy too, check this stuff out! The boys have been asking for that kind of hat for a while so she popped into the store, studied the way the hats were put together and came back and replicated them. I'm telling you they are sooo well made! The kids will love em. (I'm hoping for one too...Hint hint:-)I do have one really awesome piece of news though, and it has to do with the letter below.
That's a letter from out local University extension office announcing the starting date for this years Master Gardener Course. We, A~ and I that is, put our name on the list to be notified when the class was being put together and now we've sent our registration. Starting on the 21st of January we'll be taking the course together twice a week.

This is one of those things that we've both talked about wanting to do for the last five or six years but never had things line up just right. We decided that like most things that are important, if you don't MAKE it a priority, it just never happens. This is a step that we're taking in order to help us get to the next level, both in out own garden, but also in our community. It will help me to offer better information when I teach classes locally, and may lend a little more credibility to other projects that I have in mind as well. More on those to come in the future.

That's about all I've got today. With any luck I can catch up with some of my other writing obligations soon as well.
Till later then...


Garden4Life said...

Wow, it sounds like things are going great. :)

I know exactly what you mean about the Master Gardening program. I went through it in 07. I was so pleased that I did. Not only for the amazing instructors I had, but the fact the door is now open for many other opportunities working with the public.

Another perk is the fact that once you complete the course, there are specialist courses you can take such as rainwater harvesting, plant propagation, junior master gardening etc.

Keep us posted on how things go!

Rosengeranium said...

Courses upon courses! That's great in my world! Since I have a master in another subject my chanses to complete a gardener program are limited, but I would go for it if I had a chance.

MeadowLark said...

Hmmm... somebody looks pretty talented. I wonder if somebody could look at the hat I want and tell me how to make it?

Have a happy holiday season... :)

rhonda jean said...

A did a wonderful job with the knitting. I'd like a hat like that too! LOL I'm sure the boys will like all their gifts.

spelled with a K said...

this is one of those things I had kicked around as an idea, but you just convinced me, I'm going to contact the extension and see about some classes.

(master gardener that is.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work A~!!!tp