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December 10, 2008

Still kicking...but for how long?

Yeah the cold weather experiment is earning it's name this year. It's currently December 9th..well 10th I guess since I'm up late, and I still have stuff growing in the garden. I fabricated a pretty rudimentary hoop house a couple of weeks ago, and the kohlrabi I have under it has actually been doing fairly OK. Here's a peek "under the hood" so to speak. That's The kohlrabi in the foreground and the Swiss Chard in the back. So, as I said, you can see it's doing pretty good. I left the top off for a couple of hours the other day when I took these pictures and I do have to say that the plants did not seem to like that at all. When I went back to tuck them in for the evening, they had begun to droop just a little. They were find the next day though.

Here's a peek at one of the curious "enlarged stems" that are the best part of the kohlrabi plant. That's my hand for size comparison. They aren't getting huge, that's for sure, but I think if I had hooped them up sooner, they would have. Next year. Geez I wish I had a dollar for every time I've ever said that!
Up against the house is the other patch. I don't have it hoop housed at all, but I think that the house itself is keeping these things warm. This bed has my spinach and beets in it. These'll be coming out this week for dinner. I can't wait, we haven't had any greens since they stopped growing. Oh and take a peek at the one odd plant in the middle of the spinach...see it there, the one with the big leaves? It's a Romaine that decided to pop up, and has been doing great! I pull leaves off it once and a while for sandwiches. Tastes great!
I can't say that the winter garden has been a boon or anything, but I've learned a good bit about growing in the fall by doing it since it is just now getting to be really wintry. Tonight we're expecting some real cold to settle in. 28 deg or so, from what I understand. It's not Canadian cold or anything, but it should give these greens a bit of sweet.

That's about it for me tonight folks. A~'s got a pneumonia and has been out of commission for a couple of days, and I'm just plain tuckered. All the best to you all.
Till the morrow. (Don't you just love that kind of old timey talkin'!)


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for A~ to get better soon. I am sorry she is so ill.tp

Anonymous said...

Oh poor A!!! Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey P! If you cover the ground under the hoop with straw you will find a marked increase, it keeps the roots warm, as you have done along the side of the house.

If you want to sound even older, say Plum tuckered, if you want to sound Aussie say youre shonkered or stuffed LOL

Do hope A gets better soon.

P~ said...

Molly, I just freed up two bales of straw, I need to do that this weekend for sure. Good tip, thanks.

BTW, A~ is feeling much better today. Thanks for the good wishes.