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December 30, 2007

Resolutions '08

Preparing for the new year I have been reflecting on my last years goals and the things that I want to focus on for the upcoming one. Let me break it down for you.

List of 2007 goals and accomplishments:
• Lose some weight. - I was fairly successful in this. I shed nearly 25 lbs, without any noticeable denial of anything. I made a conscious effort to stop eating when I was full, not satisfied and to eat more healthful and natural foods.
• Alter diet to reduce input and help with goal (1). - I did alter my diet for much of the year. Although I did slack off here lately (holidays and all that.) I made choices that were healthier such as chicken rather than beef when the option was available and focusing on home made and vegetable based dinners.
• Read more. - I did really well on this I think. I Read a number of books, some for entertainment, some for inspiration and some for guidance.
• Watch less TV - I did reduce the amount of Television that I watched for most of the year, but after the summer passed, the TV moved back into the room and the viewing went up. What else can I say. Over all, I feel good about striking a healthy medium.
• Start some exercise routine. - I feel good about this one as well. I began riding my bike to work and really got to where I enjoyed it. I look forward to spring thaw so I can begin again.

List of 2008 years goals.
• My goal for personal health this year is to get to 190 lbs consistently. I want to get to this goal by June 1st. At this time I want to begin exercising more vigorously to increase my muscle tone.
• I want to start phasing out more meat in my diet. I am not planning on going fully vegetarian, I love meat too much, but I have over the last year realized that I feel more healthy and full of energy when I eat a mostly vegetable diet. I'd like to get to a point where all the meats that I do eat, either come from local producers, or that are meat or fish that I harvest myself. I think I will be much happier and healthier, eating really good meat once in a while rather than poor quality meat regularly.
• For my garden this year, I want to really get a head start on it. I want to prepare early and get a good start so that I am able to get a good early season crop. I also want to make an effort to plant things that I can over winter, such as potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, squash and onions. I made available a good bit of space in the yard this fall and I want to make sure that I use it.
• I want to begin moving my garden towards having more open pollinated and heirloom varieties and to begin a seed bank for myself to save seed from one year to the next.
• Another thing that I want to start doing is recycling. I know I know, I should be already, but it's not readily available to us, and we haven't been making the effort other than when we have a bunch of cardboard.

These are the things that I have identified as definite things that I am going to work toward. They are not all encompassing I'm sure; as with last year, I foresee evolution in my goals throughout the year, but they give me a direction and identify a few areas of who I am that I would like to work on. I have read a few others goals, and look forward to reading more in the next week I'm sure. I hope all of you have a Great New Year. Please be safe, and I'll see you in '08!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, and general lifestyle changes.

I got a pressure cooker for Christmas and I'm upping my bean-based-meal goal from one a week to two, based on the much, much lower cooking times. Tonight we had dahl and rice and the dahl only took half an hour.

Anonymous said...

My God that's scary!! My list for 2008 mirrors yours, right down to the weight loss needed! I'm almost too scared to publish it now in case you think I've plagarised it LOL!!
I hope your New Year is everything you wish for.


P~ said...

Rosa, I wish I had a pressure cooker, but then again, I don't do most of the cooking, so if A~ doesn't think she needs one, then I guess she doesn't. Should really help reduce your power use too huh?

Molly, I got my eye on you... just kidding. Glad to know I'm not the only one needing a little trim down. Publish away, I'll drop in to check it out! Have a great new year as well.