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September 26, 2009

Hi again.

I won't bother to go into the who's what's where's and such regarding my conspicuous absence this summer. I've tried to excuse myself the best I could, but in all honesty, I just had too much to do and compounded it with tech problems (That are still slowing me down) and you get the picture. The blog has suffered it's biggest dry spell since... well, since ever really. I'll skip the appologies too, because honestly it's been kind of nice to not have the self inflicted pressure to keep it up on top of everything.

That said, I 'm currently working on a couple of posts that I hope will wrap up some things. The basics really, how grows the garden? What happened to the greenhouse? You know the "burning issues."

With any luck here in the next couple of weeks things will be slowing to the point that I can get back to normal, or some variant thereof.

All the best to those of you still dropping by or checking the reader. Looking forward to reconnecting with you!



ChicagoMike said...

Oh Paul, how you so shamelessly tease!

I promise I will promise you tomorrow?

Hope all is well.


Andrew S. said...

Take your time. I have done the same with my blog. I just can't keep up with it and my family is more important.

I love to read what you say, but I can wait.

Anonymous said...

I find on my blog when I have the urge to blog about something important to me, I can really put my heart into it. If its just to make an appearance, its dry. Your family, garden, job, life is more important. It is nice to check a blog out that is creative or of creative things, such as yours.

P~ said...

yeah mike...I'm a blog tease... but guess what. (Shhhh... quite, don't tell anyone, just me to you OK.) I've already posted three more posts for the next three days!!
Make sure to check back~

Andrew/Woody, Thanks both of you. And you're both absolutely right! This blog is mine, I get to make the rules and Family indeed comes first.

Catch you all later.