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October 14, 2009

Propagating plants (10 day update)

Took a peek under the plastic wrap today and found a little surprise.Do you see them? Those little white spikey things poking out from the stems? Those are roots. So far so good!Here's a little closer look at them. This particular plant was one with the heaviest concentration of new roots, but most all of them are showing at least some rooting activity.

Take a look at the picture below, it's from a little different angle.Remember in my last post about the propagation how I said that the stem/leaf crotch was the place where most rooting would happen? Well, here you can see just that. That's one of the leaf ends that's poking out of the main stem and it's right in the middle of the heaviest concentration of new roots.
Like Hannibal from the A-Team used to say...
"I love it when a plan comes together!"
More to come as they progress.


Affi'enia said...

Awesome! Glad the propagating is going well. Looks like you'll have a mighty set of plants.

Robbyn said...

Love the new greenhouse and all the new starts! I'm doing some much-needed catching up with favorite blogs...I haven't been around much since June myself due to illness. Looks like your gardens and harvest were a great success...congratulations! I'll be following the propagation progress with interest..I didnt know it was so easy to start them from the cuttings that way :)

do bigha zameen said...

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