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January 18, 2010

Our long talks

This weekend A~ and I made our annual trek through the desert, following the trail forged by pioneers of the past making their way to California in search of riches and GOLD. We too went in search of riches and gold... in Wendover Nevada! For those not "in the know" (Which is most likely like 92.4% of you.) Wendover is our local point across the Nevada border where A~ and I have made a tradition of going for one night together for our anniversary. Well, the gold escaped us... but I think I was able to score some riches after all.

The drive out to Wendover takes us usually about a hour and half each way. It's not a scenic drive per se, but it's one that kind of grows on you after a while. The west desert is sparse to say the least, but in a strange sort of way it kind of takes on different faces with the different seasons. Before this trip the fog has been very heavy here for days and even weeks on and off, so the sparse desert was transformed into a beautifully frosted wonderland. Every blade of grass, every head of tumbleweed and every bunch of sage was covered in a beautiful while halo of frost. Besides the scenery, I have another favorite part of our drive out there; our long talks. It's almost become a sort of tradition with us. While we drive out we tend to fall into and out of good radio station reception and that void has been filled with some great conversations.

Perhaps it's the time of year. I mean it is right after the new year and our thoughts of goals and resolutions are on our mind. Maybe it's truly just the void of entertainment that gets us going, I don't know? The fact is, though, that on these drives A~ and I have had some great long talks. We sometimes bounce from topic to topic, or other times we really zero in and hash out an idea in detail. The point is that we take a regularly scheduled break from the world, we spend time with each other and get to talk and listen without the rush of the world around us. I treasure those times. And I learn a lot about her too. Sometimes it's just a small thing, sometimes she or I will really let go of how we feel about something, but it always brings us closer.

So then, as I said, I did end up with some riches after all. A rich conversation and a great weekend with my very best friend! The actual date may not be for a few more days, but thank you for the last 8 yrs together honey. looking forward to many more!!

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