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April 6, 2010

A blustery Date Night

This week is Spring Break for our kids. They all go to the same school right now so they all get to get off at the same time. Today they went down to Salt Lake City to visit family and get to see a concert. They were going to spend the night afterwards so tonight got to be an unplanned date night for A~ and I. We got some dinner at a local Mexican place where we haven't been in ages and then went and caught the movie "Clash of the Titans" courtesy of some free passes that we've had, literally, for nearly a year. I remembered this movie from when I was a kid and was really looking forward to watching a new version of it when they could really make it seem the way I think they wanted to back in the 80's but just couldn't. It was good, pretty much what I had expected. It wasn't spectacular, but it was certainly entertaining!

The real Titan tonight turned out to be the weather though! We went in and it was raining a little and dropping the occasional snow flake. It was forecast to snow a little but hey, we've heard that before this year. I expected a little snow over night, nothing to stress over. WRONG! An hour and forty-five minutes later we left the theater and walked smack into a whole new and very white world! There was already close to four inches on the ground and more on our car. ???Where the heck did this come from?

We drove home slowly and I went about the farmers duties. Its funny isn't it, that in our modern era of automated everything that when we make the decision to slow down a little and produce more of our own food it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I went out to make sure the chickens tarp was pulled down to keep snow from blowing into their run, ensured the portable greenhouse cover was pulled tight over the kohlrabi starts (that have already had a tough time thanks to some serious wind storms I might add) and added my recycled window frame cold covers over my cabbage starts and their cloche covers to keep the bulk of the future snow from burying it. They were already essentially covered by snow like miniature little snowmen in my garden bed. It will be a really good test of the covers effectiveness to see how they perform through this storm. Particularly since it's supposed to snow most of tomorrow too.

Well, I guess we'll see how it turns out... Wish me luck. How's the weather been this spring in your neck of the woods?
Stay tuned!


Aussiemade said...

I hope your seedlings survive the snow. I had a shocking failure not due to weather of our seedlings this summer. So we have had very few home grown vegies this year. I am hoping that our winter crop will be an improvement.

Wendy said...

That's crazy weather! We're having summer-like days here (temps in the 70s ;), and the trees and plants have pretty much decided that it's spring.

I know what you mean about having responsibilities when you decide to slow down. Even considering an overnight camping trip is a big deal, because we have to get "sitters" for the chickens, ducks and rabbits. Can't just take the birds to a boarding kennel, afterall ;).

Damn The Broccoli said...

Over the pond we have had some very bad weather this spring to the point where nothing wants to start and the few daffodils that have poked their heads above ground all look ever so slightly sad. No tulips have come out yet and the crocuses all packed their bags very early as well. It's been the hardest winter in about 30 years here.

Then we have had days in the last week that have been into the high teens! Seriously over the course of about 6 weeks we have had a swing of about 30 degrees centigrade!

I now have a greenhouse full of starting seedlings and check them anxiously every day hoping the worst has passed but have already had a couple of nights where I have put candles outside to keep it warm in there.

But we are now over the worst I hope and am moving on to a good spring and summer.

P~ said...

Checked everything tonight and all did well! Tomorrow I need to make sure they're all uncovered or they'll likely cook. Go figure, Spring in Utah.

bed frames said...

I hope the seedlings are alright! I also had a hard time planting the veggies. Weather is not cooperative.

Sue said...

I have daughters going to school in Utah. I received phone calls last week-- "It's snowing." "It's snowing again." "It's cold and I'm freezing." To which I could only reply, "It's 80 here." "It's a gorgeous day and I'm putting more plants in the garden." "Now when are finals over?"