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April 25, 2011

Last minute hail protection

We knew we had a storm rolling in tonight, but as it came in it had all the signs of one that might bring a bit of hail. And it did. For some last minute protection from possible damage to our still tender plants in our garden I called into use some of my stock - my wife would say overstock - of pots.

There's also some glass figurine covers that I picked up at a thrift stores for a few cents a couple of years ago.
I placed these over the plants literally as the storm blew in and was immediately glad I did.

A few minutes later the hail arrived. It wasn't a tremendous downpour but the weather forecast for the next 36 hrs is very unsettled and may include more hail and snow so I'll leave these on just to be safe.
Just some of the things that need to be taken care of in the backyard farm.

Any of you have any other creative ways you like to keep your "babies" safe in inclement weather? Share them in the comments section to help us all out and give us ideas.
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ChicagoMike said...

First of all, I love your foresight in grabbing those clear covers. I set boards up across my raised beds and use old sheets which I weight with rocks. So far this has done pretty well for me.

P~ said...

I only picked these up because there were cheap, re-used and did I mention cheap??
You do what works...

Damn The Broccoli said...

A broken clear childs umbrella I found discarded in the street makes and excellent folding cloche for one of my beds, the minute it is no longer needed I just pop it down and store it on a shelf till next year.

Cost zero, saving rubbish and doing a job for me, lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this storm idea, as I'm new to vegie growing.
I use old wire hanging baskets unside down over my new seedlings to protect from birds. Works a treat!