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May 11, 2007

Bike to work week.

I learned yesterday that next week is National Bike to work week, and that Friday the 18th is National Bike to work Day; in fact I learned that May is Nat’l bike month for that matter. With the upcoming Low Impact Week activities and with one of my main goals being to bike to work and significantly reduce my driving for the week, I think that this is a fine opportunity to get in shape, or probably more realistically to learn how out of shape I am so that I know what I have coming in June!
If I can get over the blasted spring cold that I have had for the last three days, I am going to try to bike it to work at least a couple of days next week. I invite you to do the same if it is possible for you. Many of us live a great distance from our places of business, in this case, I would encourage you to at least try to make a few of your local trips by bike; perhaps a run to the store, library, or even riding to school and back with the kids if you have them. Anyone who had the opportunity to watch the GMA or Nightline interviews with Colin from “No Impact Man” saw he and his wife making the trips to work and daycare on a push scooter, with a toddler no less. I don’t think it would be such a stretch to think we could try to at least supplement our driving with pedal power to some degree. Even for those of you out there that aren’t worried about the environment or reducing our impact on it per se, I’m sure you’d agree that the $$ savings at the pump would be worth it! So get up, pump up those tires, and get on the bike!


Michelle Verges, Project Director said...

Count me in! I just pumped up my bike tires, so I'm ready to shift gears. As much as I love driving my VW Jetta, it's time to ride my bike.

And like you said, it's great exercise!


P~ said...

Glad to hear it Michelle! I'm really hoping that my cold goes away over the weekend so that I can take advantage of it. Will you be riding to work then, or working it in some other way?