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May 23, 2007

IKEA Madness

There is a new IKEA store opening today just south of Salt Lake City. I was born in Sweden; my mothers side is 100% Swede. I grew up with that sense of style and love for all things culturally swedish, so yeah I have to say I am a little excited to be able to pick up a Marabou chocolate bar, and some good meatballs. But the buzz that I have been hearing about this place has me stopped dead in my tracks. The city of Draper where the new store is located has actually been working on a traffic plan for the last 6 months because of the number of people they are expecting! Last night the news was talking about the number of people camping out there waiting for it to open. ??? Are we THAT deprived of shopping venues here? Like I said, I look forward to going there. But I just can never wrap my brain around waiting overnight for a store opening. I kept thinking, "We have really gotten to a new level of mad consumption habits when a new store is like a cultural phenomenon." I guess the best I can say is that at least from my understanding IKEA is a pretty responsible retailer. For my part I'll wait until the fervor dies down a bit and I need to go that way for something anyway.


Rose Red said...

Thanks for being my first commenter! I'll be back to check your blog out after I unwind a bit.

Rose Red said...

Also, we have an Ikea nearby and the traffic is MADDENING. All the time. They're alright in general, but a lot of their products are toxic - lots of plywood, MDF-type stuff. Still, they do have some stuff that's somewhat sustainable.

anne said...

I also don't understand the cultural phenomenon behind grand-opening camp-outs. I've read about people getting trampled when some of the big box stores open on their special day-after-thanksgiving sale days!