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September 25, 2007

Has fall fallen

Fall is peeking in on us here in the Intermountain west. These are the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and this picture was taken out one of our back windows. I can luckily say that we are built up around us already and that this view will never be blocked. I've seen lately that I've had a couple of visitors from my local area . I hope you enjoy this view too, and look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.
Last night we had our first frost warning of the year, so I had to get out the tarps and put a thin cover over the gardens to try and keep the end of the year veggies going. I sowed some cool weather crops a couple of weeks ago, a first for me, and I'm glad to say that they are coming along well.
To the left I have a bed with some collard greens, leaf lettuce, Arugula(rocket), spinich and radishes. I laid them out in pretty rough rows and they are starting to fill in nicely. I hope to have this keep me in salads for another month or so. I also planted some peas for a late season harvest.

This spring I think I got my peas in the ground a little late, because the cool weather is really making these grow so fast. I also threw down some carrots to see how they will do so late in the season. I've read that you can let them sit in the ground until after the snow has flown and they should be alright, we'll see I guess.

Do any of you have some cool end of season crops in the ground? How are they doing?


Laura said...

No cool weather crops here. I just wanted to say that I always loved fall in the SLC valley. Nothing like driving up a canyon and seeing the leaves turn, and seeing the first frosts and snow. How I miss the coming of the frost - here in Seattle we just get rain.

P~ said...

It is a beautiful site indeed. I've been working to finish my flooring project, but it nears completion and I hope to get into the mountains soon. Good to hear from you Laura, don't be a stranger.

P~ said...

Laura, I just spent a little while checking out your blog. Hens, canning and preserving, very read worthy. I've linked to you, and will be checking back to read more.

Anonymous said...

I have lettuce, spinach, and chinese cabbage that I've sown for a fall crop. I'll have to cover mine soon too. Last year I was harvesting greens well into November. But then again, real winter didn't start here until Feb. last year!

Susan Och said...

Nice greens! I have become quite enamoured of arugula and am hoping to use the seeds harvested from last fall's plants to spice up this winter's alfalfa sprouts.

On another note, you asked over at No Impact Man if you could quote one of my comments. Feel free, but I would appreciate if you could leave a live link to my blog, French Road Connections