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September 22, 2007

Letting nature do it's thing.

I had an epiphany of sorts a little while back. I decided this year to grow my garden organically. I used no pesticides, and I used no NPK fertilizers. In doing so I have found, besides the fact that I had great sweet tomatoes, and incredibly prolific green beans, that nature really does know what it's doing.

Every year we have a terrible struggle with bees. Actually not bees, those I like to have, wasps to be more precise. Whenever we sit outside with a drink, or have a bar-b-que, it seems that we would always get run inside from wasps hovering everywhere. This year, we haven't. This may not seem like something that would go hand in hand with organics at first blush, but I beg to differ. Follow me here. I didn't spray for insects all year, hence, didn't cause wasp casualties from it, and have seen more wasps than I have seen in the last few years. HOWEVER, I also didn't kill off every small mite and aphid and earwig either. It seems, that these are prime food for wasps and low and behold when I don't kill their food source, they leave mine alone.

I put two and two together last week when looking closely at my artichoke bushes. I have some aphid looking stem boring insect on them and the wasps are all over mingled with lady bugs.

I guess the moral of the story that a healthier yard doesn't just make us happy with having chem free flowers and veggies, but because it makes everything happy that lives in or depends on the garden.

Lesson learned.



farm mom said...

Great post! And so true...although sometimes it can be very difficult to stand by to let nature take it's course! :)

P~ said...

yes it can, but it's worth it I think.