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September 10, 2007

Taste-bud recharge

If you’ve read my blog over the last few months you’ve undoubtedly heard me talk about eating. I’ve made a lot of changes in my diet this year and have been enjoying a slimmer profile, and a lot of more natural foods. Last night I finally put my finger on another benefit that I hadn’t been expecting, yet was pleasantly surprised by. Food has taste!? I’m kidding of course, but to a certain degree I’ve been reawakened to the flavors of food. I had heard of the phenomenon of people that made drastic changes in their diet becoming more aware of the foods that they are eating, but I didn’t think that the changes that I have made were quite that significant. What am I talking about you ask; I’ve had a couple of things happen lately that I took notice of. First off, I don’t like milk. I haven’t liked milk for too many years to remember. I drink it every once and a while, remember that I don’t like it and then I’m back on the wagon so to speak. A couple of times recently I’ve drank a cup of milk unsolicited; once because I wanted to try to new local milk delivery that we’ve been getting (more to come) and another time with some cookies that my wife made. Both times I was surprised to say “Hey, that was actually pretty good?” and not because it was with cookies, but just because it was good. Early this weekend we were eating dinner of tomatoes, basil, cheese and tapenade and I was struck by how sweet the tomatoes were. I love homegrown tomatoes anyway, but these seemed almost sugary sweet. Finally last night the light came on while I was treating myself to a little 3.6 oz snacker of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I love this stuff anyway, but my wife asked me what I was doing with my eyes closed, I think she thought I was sleep-eating. In fact I was only savoring the flavors in the ice cream. It seems that since I have chosen to eat a more natural and healthier diet with much less snacking and sweets my taste buds have had a renaissance, a re-birth to the great flavors in life. Is this why certain foods became popular in the first place, because of their flavor or their ability to jolt the taste buds? What are the vast majority of us missing by giving in to treats and flavor extremes on a day to day basis? Yes, sometimes a natural diet is a bit tedious. Eating what is in season often means a lot of green beans, zucchini and cucumbers; but that tedium also allows us to enjoy the sweetness of a vine ripe tomato or cantaloupe, and the savor of a well seasoned meat. This has been a great discovery to me and one I fully intend to explore further. From time to time I might just close my eyes and enjoy the sweet creaminess of good chocolate. I’m not sleeping, just enjoying life.

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Marianna said...

We have made the same discovery this year. This is the first year that I have made a concerted effort to buy our produce from the farmer's market! I never knew tomatoes tasted like anything other than mealy mush!!