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September 11, 2007


Today is September 11th; I hope that means something to all of us. I hope that in your heart today there is remembrance for those that lost their lives that day and prayers for the soldiers that are fighting to keep us safe. Regardless of what you think of the government or its policies, we do need to remember that time when we were all Americans first. We helped and consoled each other, we mourned together, and we pulled together. So quickly, it seems, we slide into the backbiting and bickering after a challenge like this has passed, this is our nature I guess. I suspect in some ways it is a sign of a return to normalcy. We should, however, take at least a moment today to remember and reflect; not to rekindle anger, but to reaffirm our unity and the power of our resolve. We have many challenges before us as a nation and unless we are able to act with the unity of purpose that we had six years ago, many of our challenges will be insurmountable.

My thoughts are with the families remembering their lost loved ones, and with the soldiers abroad selflessly serving their nation in whatever it asks.


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