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October 3, 2007

FFA council.

So tonight I went to a parent teacher conference for our 7th grader. One of his classes is Industrial Arts; it's kind of an introduction to wood shop, cooking, and drafting. Anyway I digress. I was talking to his teacher, Mr. K~, and we got to talking about the flooring I was putting in, and then on to 4H and FFA (Future Farmers of America). Mr. K~ is also one of the leaders of the FFA, and the 4H in our county. I guess I just got volunteered for the FFA council. I'm ok with that and all, but have to say it was pretty funn when we were talking about it, and he just said we need some people for the council, I'm gonna put you down for that. So I guess we'll see.

I am excited to help him with some of the things that he's trying to get through however. We are in a suburban area, but one that comes from a long history of being agricultural. Up until just recently, I drove past more corn fields than real estate developments on the way to work and got my mail from a rural route postman. Again, I digress. Mr. K~ agrees that there is no reason that we should not be permitted to have chickens, and he would say some limited livestock, on our urban lots. He and presumable the 4H and FFA councils, have been lobbying the local cities to agree to allow a short term keeping of show quality goats, sheep and chickens from March to September so that more kids can get involved in the 4H and FFA, and learn about what is involved in raising animals. I think this is great, and if I can help out that'll be more than happy to.

Any of you out there participate in the 4H or FFA? I don't have any experience with it myself, and would love to hear what your experiances are.

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Rosa said...

No personal experience, but we can have chickens in the city here, if our neighbors agree. No goats, though - no hoofed animals, unless you're the circus.

I know there are a lot of urban 4H groups, my bf grew up in Milwaukee and he thinks of 4H as another form of scouting (and he was a very enthusiastic Boy Scout).

I hope it's a good experience for you.