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October 14, 2007

Ssshhhh don't tell

You have to keep this a secret or I may get run out of the suburbs.
I don't like lawns.
Nope I don't, just figured that out this afternoon. I was out there mowing it, getting it short for the fall, and thinking to myself about all of the things we do for this plant. We water it, kill the weeds and fertilize it so it will grow fast and lush; then we complain about how often we have to mow it. I did fertilize it early in the spring, and I do have a sprinkler system, but I didn't use any weed killers. (I pulled them with my hands. And for that matter ate many of them. Dandylion and purslane, Mmm Mmm good!) I've come up with a theory that directly relates my level of summer enjoyment and overall happiness to the number of weeds and imperfections in my lawn. It goes as follows:
To control my weeds I can either spray them with a bunch of poisons and then let my kids and my dog run and lay and play in it, but no trouble right? Or I can take the time to pull them all, one by one, investing my time in nothing but manicuring the lawn and miss out on so much of the other things that life offers.
I struck a balance. No chemicals, and I pulled weeds when I had the chance, here or there. I didn't get them all, but you know what, I had a pretty good summer all told. Am I being a little extreme? Yeah maybe a little, but think about it, how much time and effort do we put into our lawns as a nation? What if we put that into something more productive like growing something edible or playing with our kids? Wouldn't we be happier, I know I would.
Oh well, I guess I'll just go pull some more weeds. Have a good day all.


RedStateGreen said...

I never pull weeds anymore, except dandelions, which end up in dinner. I do use pre-emergent fertilizer and get some neighbor kids to mow, but other than that I pretty much ignore the grass. Although bermuda grass is so wonderfully soft to walk on. I really like it when it stays where it's supposed to.

Marianna said...

We are likely to get run out of the burbs too! I keep joking that the HOA will send us a letter begging us to please sell our house and get a more responsible homeowner!