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October 8, 2007

Sanding and Simple saving

Here is the way we are living this weekend. Bare bones!
We basically took everything out of the house; couches, television, kitchen table... everything. We didn't want to get everything covered with dust first of all, but we would have had to take it out eventually to do the finishing anyway.

While I was sanding and finishing the flooring beneath the refrigerator I decided to check the evaporator coils and see it they needed cleaning. This is a simple thing that anyone can do to save a little money, power, and life of your fridge. When these fins and mechanics are dirty, your fridge will need to work harder, and will be less efficient. Take a moment to clean these off and you could save yourself a lot of power and money. I have a friend who first mentioned this to me while telling me a story of his sister that had an older refrigerator. It no longer got consistently cold, even though it was only six or seven years old. They cleaned the coils in the back and vacuumed the bottom area out, and were able to get another ten+ years of use out of it.

A lot of times it seems that for us to be able to save money or to reduce our impact and live more sustainably, that we need to get new appliances or gadgets, or drastically change the way we live. Not true; simple things like this are things that we can all do, and are right up there with turning off the lights and not letting the water run unused.

P.S. sorry for the multiple post to any of you getting a feed. Formatting issues.

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Chile said...

Wow, your refrigerator coils weren't bad at all. By the time I get to mine, they usually have pretty vicious-looking dust bunnies solidly moved in! Having a dog, especially one that sheds, guarantees the dust bunnies also have realistic fur.

Thanks for the reminder, though. I'll add cleaning the coils to today's list!