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October 6, 2007

Spammers, Weather, Flooring, Football

Well, I guess I could take it as a compliment to my literary prowess; confirmation of the high degree of useful and informative topics I have so expertly handled that has drawn the spammers. But really, how could they not come. I really don't want to use the post validation that I know a lot of you fellow bloggers have moved to. Not to say that it bothers me to have to maneuver though them myself, but I just don't like them. So for the time being, if you see any funky comments in any of the sections of my site, please do me the favor of letting me know, or at the least ignore them till I have a chance to delete it. (Unless of course, you are looking for a new sea-side condo in Costa Rica?)

On the weather front - It's another weekend of rain here and snow in the mountains. Fall fell hard this year. It is the 6th of October and we've had snow in the mountains three times already, and once in the valley.

Flooring update - A~ and I spent the entire day sanding the floors today. I mean literally the whole day. We rented the sander at 9:30 am, and stopped for the night at 10:30 pm. It was a long day but I have to say that I am sooo happy with the way that it is coming along. I will post pics of the finished sanded flooring tomorrow. We will be doing the final prep work for the top finish tomorrow, and will be trying to get it finished up on Monday.

Chargers play the Broncos tomorrow. Go Bolts!!


Anonymous said...

It's easy to change your comment settings. Just go to the Settings section of your blog (not Posting or Template). Click on the tab for Comments. Go down the list of options until you see Word Verification on Comments. Click Yes. Save the changes and you'll reduce the spam comments. This only works to eliminate spambots, not live human spammers who still can enter the letters. Hope this helps!

P~ said...

Thanks Anon~
I actually did know how to add the spam protection, but I am trying to avoid having to do that if I can help it. It's a personal thing, I just don't like them. While I am only getting a few of them intermittently, I am just trying to delete them as they come.