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May 28, 2008

Family time Monday

This Monday, Memorial day, it rained all day long. Par for the course this spring I'm afraid, luckily we had no major plans for the day, other than maybe wrapping up a few things in the yard. With those plans promptly scrapped we basically just spent the day in the house. The boys cousin had spent the night on Sunday night, so they played downstairs in playroom. Meanwhile, A~ was putting together a fantastic dining experience for us that night. That afternoon, after the cousin had left, we headed down to the home theater to screen the National Treasure II that we recently picked up, then upstairs for dinner.
And what was the "fantastic dining experience" of which I spoke? Fondue night!! We've talked about having one of these for years. We have the pots, we just never use them.?! A~ put together a some salads to eat, and breads to dunk and we all had a blast. Then for dessert, a must have at any decent family night, we had chocolate fondue with strawberries, shortcake and bananas complimented with roasted marshmallows for s'mores over a Sterno. Was it a local meal? No. Was it something that will bring my family closer together and that we'll remember? Yes, and that's the point. It was a great night, and a very good weekend. I hope yours was as well.

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