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May 26, 2008

100 ft Diet - Garden Update 2008

Just another garden harvest update from this weekend. Again I am very happy to say that the spinach is doing very well. I harvested this batch Saturday morning. This time I decided to split it up into two different groupings for measurement and packaging.

The bunch on top is the larger, fuller leaves that I think will be better served with a little steaming, or maybe sauteed in some butter with garlic. The other bunch on the bottom are the baby spinach greens that I'll use alone in spinach salads, or added to regular micro greens salad. (Not pictured, but I also harvested a good size bunch of that as well.)

We also had a bunch of our early sown radishes come in this weekend. They are really a treat. Don't they just shout out fresh with the bright red color and full greens. I love radishes. We have been making regular weigh ins of the produce that we've brought in so far, and hope to keep it up throughout the year. We don't have a harvest goal Per Se, but we do want to establish a base line of sorts so that we know what we're bringing in, and can plan better next year.
Anyone else out there bothering to weigh in and keep a record of your harvests?



Anonymous said...

so please do - show us your microgreens so we can try it ourselves too!

Anonymous said...

I'm not weighing, mostly because I don't have a scale. But I am keeping mental track of how much I'm eating and how often. For example, on a few days I have not been able to have salad for risk of overharvesting the twelve plants I have growing. I have six butter lettuce plants but they were put in from seed and are thus behind the others (which were planted as seedlings). So first note: more salad next year! The chard has also been delicious and I definitely want more of that next year. And I absolutely WILL try sprouting my own seedlings. Next year I think I will make it a point to weigh, however, as I refine this project even more.

And yes, "RA" is just fine, lol.