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May 16, 2008

We are not alone

The Dervaes Family, of Path to Freedom, was on Nightline last night. I am sorry to say I missed it, but will certainly be watching it online tonight. As I took a minute to read over the story on Nightline’s website I read some of the comments left by viewers of the program. Overwhelmingly I found that there are a lot of people that either a) didn’t even realize such a thing was possible in so small a space, or b) are already beginning to take steps towards this end (I fall into both categories by the way). In both instances the response to their inspiring story was very positive.

 I think a common feeling to many who feel either inspired to take this lifestyle on, or who are just beginning in the process is that they are setting themselves apart as the outcasts, or that they will be looked at strangely by their neighbors as the “hippie” or “tree hugger” or worse yet the “end of the world is coming” nut job (a personal favorite) . Honestly, there is some truth to that. I can’t say that I don’t get the odd look, or the laughing questions about “how the farm’s coming along?” But I’ve found that my best defense is the same type that many others have used to fight any other type of stereotyping or prejudice; education. When someone asks me how the farm is coming, I tell them how it’s coming; often asking them when theirs will be getting started? “What? You’re NOT growing your own food?” The follow up to this is that I make myself as available as I can be to talk freely about the things that I am doing in my yard. I share from my experiences and try to encourage others in this as much as possible. I don’t do this necessarily because I am so benevolent, but rather because I have learned so much from others along my “Path to Freedom” and I want to share my lessons, because I know when my neighbors understand the joys that I have gotten from this way of living they will in turn better understand me, because when I walk around the block and see “my” pea trellis design in neighbors yards that I didn’t talk to about it myself, it fills me with pride and I know I am not crazy and, more and more, I am not alone. More and more people are looking to gain Freedom of their own. Food costs are rising due to global shortages and transportation costs (not to say that there isn’t a good dose of fear/panic involved as well mind you), we are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of pesticides and genetic engineering in our food supplies and concern for our future sustainablility and our impact on our environment is rapidly becoming the norm. All of these things are garnering more and more attention and in turn are leading many people to at least begin to make changes that will bring us all a little closer in our thinking.

So take heed, and breath a sigh of relief, you probably won’t be the wierdo on the corner for long. If you’re a veteran homesteader, offer some advice and be open about the things your working on. If your new to this, ask questions. It doesn’t even have to be someone in your circle of friends, you’d be surprised how many people in this digital era are out there just waiting to share their wealth of knowledge. Heck I might even have an answer or two.


Grow on!



ruralaspirations said...

I think I'm the only one in my suburban neighbourhood that is hanging laundry. And I'm pretty sure I'm the only one growing food. But I don't feel alone thanks to blogs like yours. Keep up the good work!

P~ said...

Thank you, I'm glad I'm in good company.