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May 4, 2009

Just sort of...relaxing

The last couple of weeks have been that wonderful part of spring where the Earlier plants have already been planted, and the summer stuff isn't yet ready to go in the ground. The weather is cool, this year it's been wet too with a storm of some magnitude almost every other day, and inviting to go outside. Normally, I would be working hard to accomplish some of the goals that I have for the year, or to get some maintenance work done before the summer heat kicks in, but the regular storms have really put a damper on that. I'll no doubt have a lot of make-up work to do this week, as we should get at least a few days of partial to full sun and I'm far behind, but honestly I've been kind of enjoying the relaxation. That's all over though. I need to get hopping on an increasingly long list of to-do's. Worst part is that they're mostly all of my own creation!

I have to:
•Finish "rocking" the wall of the new side yard (south) terraced squash planting bed.
•Terrace the new side yard(south)location for the firewood hutch.
•Move the compost pile over and consolidate compost bins.
•Clean up side yard (north) and prep for new planting beds. (cold coolweather stuff)
•Begin teardown of existing Pergola Structure in preparation for new greenhouse construction.
•Build Chicken Tractor.
•Repair Sprinklers that were torn up last fall while adding fence.
•Add new low pressure irrigation system for new garden beds.

And that's just the short term list of To-Do's! I did manage to get a good bit done this afternoon on the cleaning up the North side of the house, but have a long way to go to get it complete.

I know it will get done but man oh man, just looking at a list like that and thinking to myself that I want it done by the first week in June preferrably and it can seem daunting! Baby steps P~ baby steps.

Next time I check in with you you'll have the dubious honor of witnessing the results of one of my more monumental failures. Sounds fun don't it?

Be well everyone...


paullamey said...

I've been following your blog for a while and then saw the article in Grit Mag and figured out your the same guy. Keep up the good work.

Irma said...

...as long as the monumental failure isn't the peas, I'm good! I planted my peas today (finally!) using the guidelines of your experiment. I'm stoked!