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May 11, 2009

Re-alignment... personal update.

Hi everyone, sorry for the silent treatment. It seems as though it's been a full week since I posted anything at all. I have to come clean with you, I've had a bit of a change in priority. When I began this blog it was so that I could have a voice of my own, a place where I could take the opportunity to sound off when I felt the need and to share my ideas and my plans. As I shared more, I read more, I got to know you and found myself a part of an incredible community of people. I love that. I look forward to hearing from you all every time I post something new and to sharing myself with you.

The downside is that I'm also a very goal oriented person. I like to be able to quantify what I'm doing, at least to myself and that sometimes gets in the way of my just being me. I started watching my statcounter every night and felt obligated to post every day, or at least nearly. I think I lost sight of the original intent and I've decided I need to re-align.

Because I never wanted to have the blog interfere with my family time, I began writing in the evenings after everyone was laying down. As I took on other writing obligations, like the Simple Green Frugal blog and GRIT magazine for instance, the evenings got longer. That and the fact that I was living with a camera around my neck whenever I was doing anything, so you can see it was getting a little out of perspective.

I'll still be posting, here and elsewhere, but as you've noticed it will be a little more intermittent. If I have something to say, I'll be here. If I think I have something valuable to add to a dialogue or something that I think will help someone else out, I'll add my two cents. I just won't be posting just to be posting.

I'm so thankful for everyone that comes here everyday, and to everyone with whom I've built such good friendships with. I look forward to continuing to hear from you and to hopefully adding so the urban farming, homesteading, Simple living community for much longer.
Now, with that in mind, here comes the down and dirty, my abismal failure. How NOT to grow tomatoes starts.



Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Hey, if you posted once a month, it's fine by me. Whatever works for YOU! It's YOUR blog! By the way, I picked up the Grit magazine that had your trellises pictured. I felt like I was reading about a STAR! Now, I may have to mail the magazine to you for an autograph. :D Happy Gardening!

Eva said...

I can totally relate...and I've always been sort of in awe of your ability to do what you do, AND post almost daily. I'm sure your readers will still stop in, regardless of how often you post. I know I will!

Best of Luck!

dovh49 said...

I follow this blog using igoogle so everyday posts that you were writing was hard for me to keep up with (since I read your stuff about once a week or once every two weeks, whenever I get the time). Impressive you have been able to do as much as you do. I'd be happy with the occasional post that you write. When we buy a house it will be nice to put some of your ideas into work!