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May 27, 2009

Walking the front...

In keeping with my recent invite on the garden walk, I realized that I hadn't shown you any of the color that's been popping up in the front yard. I mean the bees do need to have a little something to bring them to us don't they?Can anyone identify this one? I've forgotten the name of it. Sure is a bright little bit of orange in the garden though.This is an Iris that a neighbor of ours offered to us last spring when she was thinning hers. You have to love freebies right?And speaking of freebies. These are a couple of our favorites (above and below). They're our never-never snapdragons. That's not an actual common name for them by the way, just a little something I came up with because, although in our climate snapdragons are considered annuals, these guys keep re-seeding themselves every year somewhere else in the yard. Get it? The "never never" stop coming back! It's fun every year to try to watch for them as they peek out between the other perennials.And not to be one to completely leave edibles out of the front yard of course, We have Tarragon that held over from last year.This one was a surprise for us both. I had no idea it had such cute little purplish blue flowers.
So, here's a question for all of you more experienced herb growers amongst us...do they bloom all summer? If so, do I need to prune off the old blooms. Any help is appreciated. Either way though this one will remain.

More is coming and some have passed but all are welcome in their time.
Best to you all!


Anonymous said...

The yellow flowers are coreopsis.

Anonymous said...

Your tarragon looks like sage. Sage leaves and flowers look like your picture, while tarragon's flowers are yellow, I think.

P~ said...

Wendy~ That's it! Thanks.

Anon~ Oh geez I'm a dork. Your absolutely right. I forgot I had planted sage in that spot as well.

Thanks both of you!

Brady said...

I just planted some cinnamon sage seed, I'm pretty stoked about that.
Your tarragon-sage *chuckle* looks very nice and I'm all for edible landscaping!

In all fairness, I didn't know it wasn't tarragon either. :)

Margaret's Ramblings said...

I just love your snapdragons or as I called them as a child, bunny rabbits because if you hold the flower in a certain way they move like a bunny's mouth. I also have them reseeding themselves all over.