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September 8, 2008

Cooking in the yard

Well, it was not one of my shining moments, but in the interest of full disclosure, I aired my dirty side yard. It's one of those catch all places that I just kept "dumping" everything in during projects. I'm proud to be able to say that I think I may have beaten the beast! Trash: removed, pallets and lumber: re-purposed into a two bin compost pile and scrap cut and placed into wood hutch, compost tumbler: relocated, watered and close to being ready. Big sigh......Ahhhhh!
And here's the bin all stocked and loaded up. What's in it? Oh, just about everything. It's got kitchen scraps of course, but also copious amounts of chicken manure/sawdust mix, probably 20 lbs of coffee grounds (courtesy of Starbucks "grounds for your garden" program.), leaves, garden cuttings, lawn clippings, straw, basically all the good stuff watered down well and cooking nicely. Wondering what you ought to see if you want to know that you're compost pile is cooking well. Here you go. (down below) Yeah, that's steam coming out the top. I can place my hand on top and even through the damp leaves I can feel the heat coming off it. It's probably the hottest pile I've had. That's the thing that sterilizes the pile, kills off disease and weed seed and makes it break down quick.
And honestly, I'm just garden geek enough to just love seeing it! It's like a bit of Mr wizard right in my own backyard.
And finally, the good ole compost tumbler from last year. I neglected it quite a bit this year, but the stuff inside it is almost done.
So there you go, "Compost central" is all caught up! Oooooo, next years garden is gonna ROCK with all this good stuff! It's not too late to get yours started too if you haven't already. All the garden waste from Autumn can go right back into the ground next spring!


han_ysic said...

Hmm, a side yard, the only thing I don't have. Love your new compost bins, and I'm thinking about where I could put mine. H

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have some great compost for next spring. I have seven huge garbage bags full of straw and goat manure that are in the process of breaking down. I also have a huge big leaf maple tree that is getting ready to drop it's hundreds of thousands of leaves. I bought an electric leave vacuum/mulcher and am planning to bag up all the chopped up leaves for my spring planting as well. I am using the bag method because I haven't set up proper compost bins yet, so I am hoping it works out ok.

Chiot's Run said...

It's hard showing the "dirty" side of gardening. I'm pretty good at photographing my way around them. Mr Chiots once said after ready my daily blog post, "Wow, you make our gardens look really nice."

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just 100% pure awesome! Are you going to add any apts to Compost Central because that's one place I'd like to live. :)

P~ said...

Hey Anthony...I thought you would appreciate that!
Glad to have you stop by again. Don't be a stranger.