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March 10, 2010

Going once, going twice...

Just in case you've been on the fence about it, here's your last chance to get your name in for the give-away I'm planning for tomorrow.

I've been enjoying hearing from so many of you. Honestly I've been a little embarrased at the love fest. I guess it is my fault, I did say "let me know what you enjoy about my blog" after all. I was mostly looking for some constructive critisism and wanted to learn about what kind of stuff you all enjoyed reading about, but hey, who am I to turn down a couple of compliments huh?

Anyway, because I've been able to root out a comment from so many of you, I now know you're really out there and it's not just some random person popping in from all over the globe. I hope you'll continue to chime in from time to time even after the give-away.

I'm going to give it until I get home from work tomorrow afternoon so that will be about 4:00 Mountain Standard time tomorrow. If you haven't put your name in yet, better head over there and get it in.

See you tomorrow.

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