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April 19, 2010

Greenhouse work - transplanting

A couple days ago, when talking about the greenhouse and the work I've been doing in it, I mentioned how I had thinned out and transplanted the majority of my tomato seedlings. I also promised to go into a little more detail about that later on.

Well I can do you one better. VIDEO! I've been talking about starting to do more video stuff - well, talking to myself, but still talking about it - and I finally got around to it and of course your the first to know! I've just started a new YouTube channel where I'll be posting walk-throughs, how-to's and well, I guess just about whatever comes to mind. I'll be putting up new videos there as I make them and some will be posted here if they apply to what I'm talking about, but I hope you'll check it out from time to time and let me know what you think. Also, if ideas come to mind or I talk about something that you just need a visual of, let me know and I'll do what I can to get it online!

For now, here's one of the first new videos I've put up. I hope to make the "production quality" a little better as I go along, but it does get the point across.

Pruning out the excess seedlings from the tray...
The rooting hormone... Tomatoes are really good root starters, but I wanted to make sure they set root early to give them the best chance of survival.
The new cuttings set in the damp potting medium. This is a very vermiculite/peat rich medium that will hold a lot of water to keep the stems damp.

Coming soon, an update on the cuttings progress.


Moonwaves said...

I have duly subscribed to your youtube channel. That's a first for me although I did nearly subscribe to dananddan yesterday. Obviously, it is time for me to further acquaint myself with technological developments most people have been using for years!

What is a wall-o-water for though?

P~ said...

Glad to have you! And it's great to hear from you too. It's been a while. Life in Dusseldorf keeping you busy?
A wall-o-water is a device that a gardener can use to surround tender plants with water columns to keep them insulated allowing them to be put out much earlier than normal. Perhaps I'll show a little more in a future post.

Jasonbx said...

Started reading through your blog earlier this spring. (I tried starting tomotoes from seed this year, and was looking for any info I could find.) I'm curious if your thinning cuttings dipped in rooting hormone made it? Also would this potentially work with larger tomato "branches" or only main stems?